What to do if you think you are experiencing creditor harassment

If, after reviewing this information you feel you may be the victim of creditor harassment, it is very important that you begin to properly document what is occurring.

We've created the "telephone log of creditor harassment" to assist you in writing down the pertinent information from any creditors who are harassing you by phone. You need to write down the date and time of the call, the name of the person who is calling, the creditor or collection agent the person is working for and the gist of what is said by each of you. This should be done immediately upon hanging up the phone when your memory of the conversation is fresh.

You should also keep any bills, dunning notices or other written communications you receive from any creditor/collector.

If a creditor/collector leaves an improper message on your answering machine do not erase it. If you have a tapeless or voice mail system try to make a copy of the message(s) with another recording device before another call records over it.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of keeping an accurate written record of creditor harassment activity. How detailed and accurately you record this information could mean the difference between receiving a significant monetary recovery from the offending creditor/collector or receiving nothing.

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