Unemployment Compensation Claims

Unemployment compensation is provided to employees who lose their jobs or have the pay from their jobs significantly reduced.

Common exceptions to qualifying for unemployment benefits occur due to an person earning most of his income from separate self-employment, rather than the job at which he was an employee, voluntarily quitting the job without good cause and being terminated for willful misconduct.

To begin a claim for unemployment compensation, a person must call a toll free number or apply for benefits online. A Notice of Financial Determination is then sent to both the applicant and former employer indicating whether the applicant has been paid sufficient wages to be potentially eligible for benefits. The former employer is also sent a form to complete to explain his position regarding the claimant's eligibility for benefits. If there is a dispute between the former employee and employer about eligibility, the claims examiner assigned may conduct a limited investigation and then issue a Notice of Determination indicating whether the claimant is entitled to unemployment benefits.

Either party may appeal a Notice of Determination within 15 days for a hearing before a Referee. It is at this hearing and thereafter that a claimant should be represented by an attorney. Adverse decisions of the Referee can be appealed to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review and then to PA Commonwealth Court.

We represent clients in claims for Unemployment Compensation who were discharged from employers located in the following counties: Carbon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Northampton and Schuylkill.