Legal Malpractice Cases

L.M. had been represented by an attorney who held himself out as experienced in employment discrimination law. Nonetheless, the attorney failed to timely file some claims on behalf of the client, failed to take some actions that were a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit and failed to file claims in the correct court. Ultimately the client's claims were dismissed. We were able to obtain compensation from the attorney's professional liability insurer for the client's losses.

J.L. and D.L. were chapter 7 bankruptcy clients. The trustee assigned to their case was also assigned as trustee to a business bankruptcy case. The trustee wrongly determined that J.L. owed the business a debt that J.L. had already paid. Compounding the problem, the trustee, knowing J.L. and D.L. had filed bankruptcy, nevertheless tried to collect the alleged debt from J.L. in violation of the automatic stay which prohibits collection activities against those who are in bankruptcy. We responded by demanding payment from the trustee to our clients for this violation. When we were unable to settle the claim against the trustee, we sued the trustee in bankruptcy court. The trustee responded by attempting to get our suit dismissed. We convinced the court not to dismiss the suit. We were then able to settle the claim with the trustee's professional liability insurance carrier by payment to our client of much more than we would have received if the trustee had accepted our initial settlement offer.

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