How does the Law Office of John DiBernardino handle bankruptcies differently than many other law offices?

I have been personally representing clients in bankruptcy matters since 1987. Bankruptcy work is the vast majority of the services I perform as an attorney. I have filed over 2,400 bankruptcies; my clients have had millions of dollars of debt discharged or wiped out through their bankruptcies. We handle bankruptcies for clients in 32 counties in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Pre-bankruptcy-filing contact with creditors

After you retain our office to file a bankruptcy for you and provide us with the needed information about who you owe, we send letters to your creditors informing them that you have retained our office to file a bankruptcy for you and warning them not to contact you directly anymore. This usually results in less annoying phone calls and collection letters from creditors-even before the bankruptcy is filed.

Ease of paperwork completion

We attempt to do things in an easier, more convenient manner for our clients. For example, unless you prefer, it is never necessary to physically come to our office. Your entire case can be handled by telephone or through the mail. Many attorneys require clients to hand write answers to the many, sometimes complex, questions asked in bankruptcy schedules. We believe part of what you pay us for is to complete the bankruptcy paperwork for you. Therefore, we require you provide us only the raw information about your financial affairs that is necessary to complete the bankruptcy paperwork that must be filed with the Court.

Pursuit of claims for damages against creditors

If creditors continue to contact our clients after they know we are representing them or have filed bankruptcy, we aggressively pursue claims against them for violations of federal and state laws. We often can recover damages of hundreds of dollars for our clients from creditors for violating our client's rights. We can pursue claims for clients for these abuses as part of a bankruptcy filing or separately if you do not wish to file a bankruptcy.

We contest claims in bankruptcy cases where appropriate

Unlike many law firms that handle chapter 13 bankruptcies, we make the mortgage holder substantiate the arrears claimed before we suggest the client pay them. Mortgage holders and their servicing agents sometimes try to tack on charges for fees, costs and attorney's fees that they cannot prove. We make these companies prove their entitlement to the amounts claimed; their failure to do so can result in a savings to our clients of hundreds of dollars in reduced payments over the life of their chapter 13. Sometimes, in certain chapter 13 bankruptcies it makes economic sense to object aggressively to other claims of creditors such as for credit card debt. Doing so can save our clients thousands of dollars in payments to these creditors.

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