Effect of being sued

You should not ignore a lawsuit filed against you.

You have only a limited time after being served with the law suit to respond. If you fail to respond, a default judgment will be entered against you for the full amount claimed. A judgment filed in Common Pleas Court in Pennsylvania will automatically become a lien against any real estate you own now or in the future in any county where the judgment is filed. A judgment obtained in one county (or at a Magisterial District Justice) can easily be filed in another county where real estate is owned. When you sell or even refinance a mortgage on a property located in the county where the judgment was filed, you will have to pay the full amount of the judgment plus 6% annual interest.

Even if you do not own real estate, a judgment can be used to execute or put a lien against your bank accounts and personal property such as vehicles and household goods that then can be sold at a sheriff's sale to satisfy the judgment.

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